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Salon Success Website Maintenance Program

You have your brand new website and suddenly you start to think… What to do next?

I want to add this, I want to change that, maybe write a few articles… but first I have to learn how to do that stuff!

Sound familiar… well it is to my clients.

Maybe you have a website that’s a little tired… maybe it hasn’t been updated for quite some time.

Here’s the SOLUTION!


The Salon Success Website Maintenance Program.

It’s how to outsource your website maintenance to someone who understands YOUR business and has the skill to do it a whole lot better than YOU.

And let’s face it… your time is much better spent than wasting time and energy on something that costs just a few dollars a day.

Outsourcing your web site maintenance and updates can enable you to focus your precious time and limited resources on what you do BEST!

Yes, you could learn to do everything yourself… but believe me… if you want to be truly successful you need to organize a team of experts to do the things you’re NOT meant to do.

You NEED to focus on running your business and all which comes with that responsibility.

And that’s the #1 reason WHY you should consider the Salon Success Website Maintenance Program.

  • Do you want your web site updated professionally, quickly… and always be looking it’s best?
  • Are you too busy or don’t quite have the skills to maintain your web site?
  • Do you want to save time and be able to focus on running your business?
  • Does the thought of having someone on hand to do all your website work excite you?

Like all software these days, the software used to create your website is getting constantly updated by the programmer or company that created it, usually offering new features, increased stability and security.

By purchasing our maintenance package your ensuring that your site is 100% up to date at all times, that includes not only the Content Management System that powers it (WordPress) but also all of the add-ons that provide your site with unbeatable and valuable functionality.

You’ll never have to worry about the technical part of your website again. Every aspect of your website is taken care of from design updates to web security.

Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should. But you have better things to do. Let us handle all the important tasks for you.

Our Website Maintenance Package includes the following:

  • Upgrade your WordPress installation as new versions are released
  • Backup your WordPress database once per week to safeguard your data
  • Optimize WordPress database once per week to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Upgrade all installed plugins on your site
  • Recommend new plugins that might be helpful for your site and install and configure them
  • 2 hours per month of website updates. You could add new special offers, add new pages for new services or just update your existing information.
  • A monthly telephone consultation with me to discuss how YOU can use the internet to GROW your business.

How Much Is It?

The website maintenance program is priced at $297 per month.

It’s a cost effective way to manage your website keeping it fresh and up to date. You can AVOID the biggest problems website owners have being a website, that never changes. If over time, your website becomes “stale”, it will stop attracting new clients and will quickly become unprofitable.

The website maintenance program fixes that up for you. It’s like having a web designer on call… there when you need it… and you WON’T be getting ripped off!

 Please note: this program does not include major website revisions. If you require major revisions / re-design then we can do that as well. However, these projects will need to priced separately to this maintenance program

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Paypal will automatically charge you each month for the Salon Success Website Maintenance Program. There is no set period, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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To Your Salon Success

David Glendinning